Make money from your holiday home on the Canary Islands!

Instead of leaving your holiday home empty while you are away, consider listing it as a vacation rental and earn extra cash. We take care of everything for you as your dedicated Co-Host on Airbnb!

Gran Canaria Group
Property Management and Co-Hosting in Gran Canaria

It’s that simple! Gran Canaria Group takes care of everything!


As your Co-Host we develop the profile of your property on Airbnb. Each listing is carefully and comprehensively designed to generate a high number of bookings. It contains a detailed description of your property and its amenities, highlighting all the best features of your home and local area. Amazing photos are essential for a successful listing – we ensure that they will be taken by our professional photographer.


We will be available for 24/7 support for both our clients and guests. The communication with the guests begins with the reservation request and continues throughout the stay until the guest leaves the property. We handle all guest enquiries about your home and co-ordinate bookings on your behalf. We will make sure you are not disturbed – we are prepared to handle everything in a quick and efficient manner.


Guests arrive at different times during the day, sometimes on weekends and during the night. We can check them in and send them on their way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During check-in we will hand over the keys, explain how the appliances at the property function and go over the safety instructions.


Cleanliness is our top priority. After each stay the property is cleaned by our trained professionals and the beds are made up with fresh linen and towels. During the cleaning our teams check for any damages to the apartment and the furniture – if there’s a problem we’ll report back to you right away.


You will have access to your Airbnb profile at all times so that you are in full control of your property’s availability, prices and number of guests. Each month we will provide you with a clear transparent breakdown of the earnings from your property. You will also be able to see how many guests were accommodated, who they were and when they stayed.


You can feel totally safe about your earnings, because you receive your payment directly from Airbnb, not from us. All payments are processed securely through Airbnb’s online payment system. Guests are charged when a reservation is made, and hosts are paid 24 hours after check-in. How you’re paid is up to you: We can set up direct deposit, PayPal, international money wire or a number of other options.


We take care of setting the best daily prices using our market expertise. Our pricing system calculates the optimal nightly rate and adjusts daily by taking seasonal influences and competition in account. This means we can guarantee you optimal earnings.


It’s your home. Rent it out on your own terms. You decide when the property is available for bookings. When you return we’ll ensure your home is ready for you, so when we hand you back the keys, you’ll feel at total ease that we’ve looked after it.

Gran Canaria Group

Our Fee

Our fee is 20% of your rental income

The fee is a portion of your booked earnings. You usually get paid by Airbnb 24 hours after a guest’s scheduled check-in time, or monthly, if the guest is staying 28 or more nights. You will receive 100% of the rental income directly to your bank account from Airbnb and then you pay us our fee from this amount. You therefore have total control of all payments, while GRANCANARIA.GROUP takes care of everything for you, acting as your co host.

Our fee includes all services listed below:


Airbnb profile listing, pricing, communication with guests as well as guest check-in and check-out.


Supplies such as napkins, toilet paper, toiletries, etc.


Cleaning fees are paid by the guests at each booking. (this is a common practise at Airbnb).


There are no initial or hidden fees, so you won’t pay us a penny until we make you earn money.

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List your home with Airbnb

Why rent out your home?

Listing your home with Airbnb helps you use your property to earn extra money to fund your passions, including:

Travel around the world
Experience other cultures
Pay for your overseas or domestic flights
Pay off your bills
Buy new furniture or appliances for the house
Cover your mortgage repayments
Fund a home renovation
Money gives freedom

About Us

Gran Canaria Group – Your Airbnb Co-Host in Gran Canaria!

When choosing Gran Canaria Group as your Property Manager we ensure that our hosts’ properties on the Canary Islands are safe, secure and controlled throughout the short-term rental process. Gran Canaria Group’s clients benefit from our complete, end-to-end service, which includes marketing the property, managing the rental process to maximise rates and occupancies, coordinating cleaning and linen change-over and acting as primary guest contact. Ultimately, working with Gran Canaria Group as your co host ensures excellent financial returns as well as peace of mind. From the guest’s point of view, Gran Canaria Group takes great care of your visitors from check-in to check-out, offering the best comfort and service available. Our mission is to ensure the financial success of your property by providing the the market’s best services.

Property Management – this is what we do best

Managing a popular property on Airbnb involves a lot of work. Our main objective is to optimize the rating of your property and thus its profitability. In order to ensure this, we highly recommend you to choose our complete property managment package. If you still wish to take advantage of only a part of our services, please get in touch.


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Spain: +34 681 90 99 43

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